SpyShelter 15 Public Beta is here!

The major new version of SpyShelter has finally arrived, SpyShelter 15!


Download SpyShelter 15 Beta Now!

What’s new?

  • The SpyShelter Graph and Terminal keep tabs on when your processes are stopping and starting.
  • The Activity tab shows all your active processes and allows you to search them, and sort them different ways. Click an app icon to see details about it, and terminate it, or make new rules.
  • The Rules tab makes it easy to set up POWERFUL Application Control rules for your Windows apps, or publishers.
  • The Protection tab shows off SpyShelter’s other new major features, like built-in Threat Detection (with auto-quarantine), our new protection modes, like Paranoid, Suspicious, or Easy.
  • Now SpyShelter gives you useful Insights about what different executables do on your PC. Click an icon of an app to see!
  • Screenshot Protection is easily accessible from the Protection tab, or by right clicking our Windows tray icon. Turn it on when banking or dealing with sensitive work data.
  • SpyShelter’s powerful Events, keep track of any executable-related changes on your PC.
  • Go to SpyShelter’s settings to run our app completely from the Windows Terminal!
  • Prefer a dark mode? Go to our settings and switch on our “Cyberpunk Dark” skin.
  • Yes, we know Keyboard Encryption isn’t back yet… but we’re working hard to bring it back as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience!
  • We apologize for the lack of localization (different languages) as we work to bring it back.

Please give us feedback on this major new Beta release, and let us know how we can improve by replying to this thread.

In true “hacker” style, we don’t even have sales set up yet, so we’ve given the new SpyShelter Beta App a 30 day FREE trial for everyone. If you are considering supporting our work on this project in the future, please sign up on our order page by clicking an order button. We’ll email out a coupon to everyone who signs up there when sales are ready.

Are you a SpyShelter Classic User?
Our Classic apps are still 100% available in our SpyShelter help page, and they are still 100% functional as always. If you run into any issues with our original apps please email us so we can help you.


The new interface looks fantastic :slight_smile: I hope that the program will protect the user as well as previous versions.


@Olobambolo Thank you!

Windows has changed a lot recently and we were able to use some newer protections that I think you will find are more powerful. Then on top of that we now have a real high-quality threat detection API that focuses on executables. If something is detected then it’s automatically stopped and quarantined.

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Testing latest Beta :slight_smile: It would be nice to add a button - Clear all rules -


I will share this internally with our team, thanks!

Also, if you think you are having a SpyShelter conflict with our Application Control rules and you want to quickly check that (without clearing your rules), you can go to our “Protection” tab, then switch your protection to “Off” at the top middle. Then try again and see if the issue continues.

Or, right click the SpyShelter icon in your tray.


In the previous version of SpyShelter there was also an option - clear old rules -


Yes, that’s a good point. Our team will think about the best way to implement this.

Also, FYI you can reinstall SpyShelter with SpyShelterSetup.exe /clean, and it will wipe everything. But of course that’s not great because then you would lose everything else, not just the rules.

An option - export/import rules - would be useful


Hello everyone… !

Anything have a idea if it is compatible with Safin Portmaster Free ?

When I make a screen capture with protection, there is black the screen capture, I want to exclude ShareX.
There is an option ?


Hello @sypqys, we should not have any compatibility issues with Safin Portmaster.

For Screenshot Protection, unfortunately there is no exclusion ability currently. Either it’s protecting, or it’s not. Thanks for your feedback on investigating an exclusion option.

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There is a possibility to buy licence only for one device ?
Pro version… ?

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Our sales are not operational yet. We just ask that customers submit their email address to know when it’s ready and get a discount coupon for doing so.

Thank you for your feedback on having a single device license option.

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for lifetime licence ?

Thanks !


We will consider it, thanks for your feedback.

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How long events/alerts are stored?
It would be nice if there was an option - auto delete alerts after 30 days -

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@Olobambolo Currently Events are stored indefinitely. Thanks for considering a way to clear alerts, or only store them temporarily.

Why would you like to delete the Events after 30 days? For privacy reasons? Please note that the Events are only stored locally. Our team cannot see them.

This is not a privacy issue, in my opinion, events older than 30 days are no longer necessary.If not auto-delete, then maybe a manual delete, for example - delete all events -

This option was available in previous versions of SpyShelter

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I know that the new version of Spyshelter is still a beta but I must say that the new version works very well, there are no errors, the program works stably. Built-in scanner has never made a mistake (false positive) .Built-in scanner is what was missing in previous versions. Good job.


Yes, we have been carefully looking for false positive reports. And of course we run SpyShelter ourselves in-house and so far nobody has had one.

If anyone wants to see how it works when an .exe threat is detected, it’s possible to use this file from Microsoft that’s not really malware.