SpyShelter 15 Public Beta is here!

Installed the new Beta than a screen appears “Initializing”.
Spyshelter has full access through my firewall but it just seems like it’s stuck on that screen.
How long is that process supossed to take?


Sorry for the issue.

The initialization process should not take more than 1-2 minutes on a very slow PC, and on a modern PC it usually takes less than 15 seconds for me.

Are you using any other security software that could be stopping our driver? If so, please white list our software. The initialization process doesn’t require network activity, so it shouldn’t have anything to do with the firewall.

Could you try the following?

  1. Go to add/remove programs and uninstall SpyShelter.
  2. Reboot - IMPORTANT
  3. Install SpyShelter again and let me know if it won’t initialize.
  4. Try dragging the SpyShelter window slightly larger or smaller and see if it could be a UI issue.

Please let me know if this helps or not. If not, SpyShelter may make some logs on your PC that you could email to us to help us solve the issue.

Wow Love the new V15 (clear settings, well polished, strong protection)
Actually playing with trial on multiples machines, results :
OS : W10 Entreprise LTSC 21H2

  • 1 MACHINE (intel 3930k)
    Realtime HitmanPro.Alert, NextDNS system-wide, Microsoft Defender, SS run without any issue.
  • 2 MACHINE (intel 8365U)
    Realtime SuperAntiSpyware Pro, NextDNS system-wide, Microsoft Defender, KeyScrambler Premium (until the avalaibility of SS’ Keylogger protection, after that i will uninstall KeyScrambler to avoid conflict), run without issue.
  • 3 MACHINE (intel 8700K)
    Realtime Microsoft Defender, NextDNS system-wide, run without issue
  • 4 MACHINE (intel core2-duo 6700)
    Realtime Malwarebyte’s Premium, NextDNS system-wide, Arrrgghhhh SS’ setup no problem, but no initialized window, deactivate malwarebyt’es, restart, still nothing, processexplorer show little activity of SS’ service, unable to manually launch the GUI, nothing in windows events viewer, so i guess this old CPU is not compatible!!! Can you confirm please?, so uninstalled SS on this computer.


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Hello !

When have a possibility to buy a licence key ?
Because remain 27 days … it switch to free version at the end of trial period ?


We hope to have sales available within that time period. But if not, we’ll see if we can extend it for everyone.

Thanks for considering supporting our work on SpyShelter!

I add myself to the above request, also with a optional Lifetime offer if it’s possible.


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Please click my name here, then click “message” so I can help you. You should send your previous SpyShelter code privately through the private message system.

Or, if you were an internal beta tester that tested BEFORE the new public beta was available please confirm the email address you used to test. Thank you for using SpyShelter!

Is there a changelog for

Yes, here

I announced the update in the Forum also.

What’s new?

  • We added support for older Windows 10 versions, with our driver, and installer.
  • SpyShelter now handles Trusted Microsoft Publishers in a slightly different way. Please let us know in the forum if you notice any issues.
  • SpyShelter now has a new startup animation.
  • When you turn on “Do not disturb” a counter will appear to let you know how much time is available until that mode ends, as shown above.

Full command line needs to be included in popup alert - specifically to see what prcoesses dllhost is hosting.

Would also like to see more buttons on alert so things like Allow Once is single click instead of two. Also, there should be Allow Once and Allow for session (either until reboot or process requesting terminates)


Good points, thank you for your feedback.

Exactly I wanted to write the same as ABC and below is an example:

Besides, are there any plans to build in an architectural WFP firewall, which may have been modest in the program, but was :slight_smile:

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@tach23 Thanks for taking the time to make that video, very interesting! Looks like you have an interesting collection there.

Our team will discuss the idea about the WFP firewall, thanks again!

Videos are always appreciated, so feel free to make more even if we fail in some cases, so we can improve.

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