Windows recall is on it is way

Imagine, you are browsing, banking, watching movie, watching a video about your friends, private events, etc… or even prn, political topics…
Windows with its recall feature will take a screenshoot every 5-10 seconds. Store it on your store device and locally analize it by AI copilot engine.
Mainly recongize texts. But Who know? Maybe analize faces, object, etc… It contains huge privacy concern!
PLEASE develope the old good original spyshelter feauters, otherwise we are all will loose our freedom…
We must control windows features and processes tooo. You should not include more windows process to not to block it against bricking the system, even you should give more possibilities to control everithing!!! Your own risks. You put the profit and the goal on a scale… I understand that if a user experience getting worse You loose users, loose profit…
I think this ( amazing ) software should be as for intended.
Let the user control everything what technically could be… everything!
Keep and protect our privacy!
If this software will not achieve this, it is only a half solution…
I was your subscriber in the last 5 years, but i don not use this version.
Good luck and keep on!

Thanks for your feedback. Please tell me more details about what you could not do that you wish you could so we can better understand. Maybe our software already does what you want and you just didn’t realize it.

Another comment about this… if Recall was on you should be able to block it with our Screenshot Protection feature. More details on how to do this are here: Disable and Block Screenshots with Windows PCs