What happend to discount people were supossed to get via email when released for sale?

There was supposed to be a discount via email upon release? The 50.00 a year is a lot when options like CyberLock/Vodooshield only cost 30.00. I was ready to purchase with that discount

SpyShelter 15 was released with no sales available. On our order page the order button is collecting emails (optionally) where we will send out a coupon when the sales have started.

The sales have still not started, so no emails have been sent out. You can confirm this by clicking the order buttons on the order page.

Sorry for any confusion.

An email WILL be sent out as promised when sales start. If you don’t see it and sales started, please check your spam/promotions folder in case it got filtered there.

@Nitro5 The email was sent out today. Please check your spam or promotion folder if you don’t see it.

If you still don’t see it message me privately here in the forum by clicking my name.

20% discount is not nearly enough when it’s priced at 50.00. OSarmor and Voodooshield/Cyberlock are more capable and able to stop attacks SpyShelter can’t and only for 29.99. I know a lot of people from popular security forums aren’t interested in it due to price, or they already use Cyberlock and it provides much better protection.

Thank you for your feedback on our pricing. Fortunately SpyShelter is useful even in its completely free mode. You’re welcome to use SpyShelter for free indefinitely and you don’t have to pay anything. Meanwhile, we will continue to work to improve SpyShelter due to those who supported our work on this project by upgrading to Pro or Ultimate. Perhaps in the future as we improve you’ll feel we are worthy of purchasing a paid version of our software.