USB Keystroke Sniffing

I just plugged a new USB keyboard into my laptop and had the thought that if someone used Wireshark to sniff the USB interface and decoded the keystrokes, would keyboard encryption do anything to help ? The encryption would come after the raw data from received from the USB interface ?

Thank you for your post. Our team has been discussing this issue lately.

I’m not sure about Wireshark specifically, but you have a good point about sniffing the keystrokes, and it depends on where the keylogger sits unfortunately.

The keylogger spyware could theoretically get on the stack earlier than our keyboard encryption driver, and our keyboard encryption driver would then be encrypting AFTER it already passed through the keylogger - and then of course the encryption wouldn’t matter.

That’s why Windows system integrity is very important, and that’s one thing SpyShelter 15 does better than previous versions. We plan on focusing on adding even more new ways to protect your system integrity in the future with SpyShelter 15, along with giving you visibility into hidden system changes.

If you can keep your Windows system integrity then it should prevent keyloggers and other spyware in the first place and not require a countermeasure that must be turned on AFTER spyware is already installed.

We do plan to try to bring back keyboard encryption as a separate app and if we’re able to do so, we’ll need to make sure our driver is in a good place in the stack to protect you. Then on top of this, SpyShelter 15 should look for changes on your PC that could show that something has violated your PC system integrity, and this could possibly even bypass keyboard encryption.

Therefore if we’re able to bring back keyboard encryption it’s important you install the keyboard encryption app AND SpyShelter 15, to make sure your system integrity is protected.

Thanks for the reply. I am trialing Spyshelter 15 on another machine. Certainly maintaining system integrity is the number one aim but it’s also good to be prepared for a time when that might not be the case. I am a system admin (who has become a hacking target) and I am often typing in usernames and passwords.

In the case that keystrokes over the USB interface can still be sniffed with Wireshark, then the solution is to use the laptop’s built in keyboard which does not involve the USB interface.

Looking forward to trying out the standalone keyboard encryption app.

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We hope we can make it happen. Thanks for your support on the project.