Transfer Spyshelter classic to new computer

I have upgraded to a new desktop computer (Win11). I just received Spyshelter Auto-renewal info and activation code. I tried to install the Spyshelter software onto the new computer but my activation code is for “Spyshelter Classic” and I can’t find download info for Classic. I simply want to transfer my license to a new computer.


Sorry for the issue. SpyShelter Classic is available here Classic SpyShelter Apps – SpyShelter Help.

I downloaded SpyShelter Classic (Spyshelter Silent) and ran the silsetup.exe installation file on my Win11 Desktop. I then did a restart as per the install note. During bootup, I saw an errpr box saying Spyshelter - Cannot connect to driver.

Is that a Win11 incompatibility problem?

For the outdated SpyShelter Classic apps, you should disable Windows Core Isolation “Memory Integrity” in Windows Security.

The modern version of SpyShelter doesn’t have this issue.

Thank you for the reply. With my newer Win 11 desktop PC, based on your comment, I would be better off with the new Spyshelter (ver 15). Is there any way to apply the auto-renewal I was just billed (approx $21) towards the cost of a basic annual license for the new Spyshelter version?

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