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What’s new?

  • SpyShelter now detects Mic and Webcam activity, then allows you to terminate that activity in real-time. You can also make rules for webcam/mic activity, and see that activity on SpyShelter’s Events, Activity Screen, and Rules Screen.
  • We’ve redesigned SpyShelter’s Activity and Rules tab, where they are much easier to operate and understand. It’s now much easier to create and control custom SpyShelter security and application control rules.
  • It’s now possible to see the country code of where an executable came from. For example any Microsoft executable will show “US” as the country. This will appear under any executable information when clicking its icon in SpyShelter.
  • Tired of the same old executable sitting in your SpyShelter rules? Due to your feedback, older executables will now be automatically removed when SpyShelter detects those executables are no longer present on your PC.
  • We’ve updated our driver to work in a more efficient and stable way.
  • Fixed an issue with SpyShelter’s installation under a standard Windows user account.
  • We’ve included more Microsoft processes that shouldn’t be terminated by SpyShelter, to avoid SpyShelter causing a system instability.
  • SpyShelter also has many other small fixes and improvements due to feedback from - SpyShelter users. Did we miss something? Let us know in the SpyShelter forum so we can keep improving.

Please reply and give us feedback on the new version.


Could you explain how that Auto-Update works for a running, previous version?

I have Pro on Win10pro 22H2 with Run on Startup and Auto-Update enabled.

As there is no in-app “check for update,” I tried a restart and it remains and “You’re up to date.”

So, just wait until a process kicks in? Typically, how long? Any on-screen notifications? Restart needed?

Being the impatient individual I am, I can just run the new setup exe “over” the running version. But I’m curious about the Auto-Update.


Auto update is not enabled yet as we monitor the initial user feedback for the new version. You can always force the update by simply downloading the new version from our website and installing it over the existing one.

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So should we wait for auto update or you saying auto update is not here yet In versions and we need to update by ourselves I don’t have a problem downloading it and installing

Feel free to download and install the update manually to get it faster. We will enable auto update for the exact same version later this week.

Thank You
For the answer

Thank you for the update.
While SpyShelter seems to monitor efficiently Camera access and Mic access, even indicating the last date/time an app used Mic or Cam, there is no clear indication about screen capture access. Why not to make it clearly appear in the rules, with Mic & Cam and Files access rules


Thanks for your feedback. We agree 100%!

We don’t show screen capture access because it appears there is still no actual reliable way to monitor third party screen capture access with the Windows OS. If you know of an app that does this and it works with Windows 10/11 please let us know so we can investigate.

I have never investigated, but the following applications claim to be able to monitor screen capture:

And a few other software programs claim to have anti-screenshot tools: Zemana AntiLogger, Norton Security (advanced options), Kaspersky (Fraud Prevention for Endpoints says there is an additional protection “Block capturing screenshots” in what they call “Protected Browser”: Kaspersky Fraud Prevention for Endpoints installed on a computer running a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 8.1 or Microsoft Windows 10, uses Kaspersky Fraud Prevention for Endpoints installed on a computer running a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 8.1 or Microsoft Windows 10, uses hypervisor technology to provide protection against screenshots. etc.

Last but not least, there is apparently a way to disable print screen function in Windows 10/11: How to Disable a Windows Print Screen | Techwalla

Maybe I am missing something but it seems you just posted apps that block screenshots, but don’t detect them? Where on these websites does it say they detect them? I began clicking through them and I couldn’t seem to find that.

To turn on SpyShelter’s Screenshot Protection, go to our “Protection” tab then scroll to the bottom.

Oh, sorry, you were speaking about detection/monitoring only. In this case I am not sure at all, but it would be strange that any of this commercial apps (ScreenWings or Haihaisoft DRM-X for example) cannot keep a record of blocked apps. I cannot verify this now, but I will try to search some info.

Microsoft has no official way to see what apps are taking screenshots unfortunately for Windows 10/11. Otherwise we’d add that functionality. There may be undocumented ways to do this, but if we go that route then Microsoft may make an update that makes our undocumented method no longer possible, which would make all our customers upset when our screenshot monitoring suddenly stops working permanently.

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Do you guys have a plan ios version for the future? Or Just the Windows version.

It would be nice to have an Android app someday if it’s technically possible, but it may not be. I don’t think it’s possible to do much like SpyShelter does on iOS.

Can you make Spyshelter lighter than the 350 mb in Windows 11 for the next update?

Thanks for the Info.

Do you mean our installer size, or what do you mean exactly?

350 MB is peanuts.

SpyShelter is so light I had to put bricks on my tower PC to keep it from floating up to the ceiling.

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Thank you. We will keep working to keep it as light as possible.