Price for OLD Spyshelter Premium - Classic SpyShelter

Morning. I was shocked when I saw this. Spyshelter Premium license was 29€ + VAT all the time and now it is 100€ + VAT. This 100€ used to cost a lifetime license. I ask you to lower the price because I intend to keep using the old software. For three computers I would have to pay 365 euros, which is a very exorbitant amount. I would like to add that for the new version of Spyshelter 15+ you only want 50 euros for 3 computers.

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Thanks for your feedback. May I ask what Windows OS version you use? Is it Windows 7?

It sounds like a weird question, but I wanted to be sure you understand more about why we are not encouraging purchases of the Classic SpyShelter software.

Windows 10. The spyshelter premium 14.0 works perfectly fine and i just want use it until i move to windows 11. I will be using windows 10 till 2032.

Unfortunately many SpyShelter Classic features look functional, but don’t actually work correctly in Windows 10. We don’t recommend that you buy Classic unless you use Windows 7.

Thank you for your feedback on the pricing of our Classic version. We will discuss the pricing issue with our team.

Could you email our helpdesk Contact SpyShelter and Get Help with Free, Pro, or Ultimate with a link to this thread? Once I discuss this issue with our team I can send you all the options available to help you, privately.

Ok, it may be that some functionality doesn’t work but I’m still going to use version 14.0 and I would very much ask that the prices be fairly normal, I’m not saying for 10 euros but at least 50 euros for one computer.

Cheers and I would very much appreciate a change. Please

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For users with our “Classic” software, once your yearly subscription ends, 2checkout should send you a renewal offer with your exact previous pricing. Please check your spam folder if it doesn’t show up around the time of your subscription ending, or contact 2checkout so they can resend it manually.

Thank you for supporting our work on this project by buying our software.