Price for 3 computers (Pro now covers 3 PCs instead of 2)

Hi, glad to see that Spyshelter is always alive.
If I want to buy licencs for my 3 computers, is it obligatory to buy 2 licences (it means for 4 computers), it’s very expensive. Did you have a solution ?
For example, OsArmor is less than 50 € for 3 computers.
Please excuse my poor english, I’m french.
Best regards

Yea 50.00 is hard to justify for this program I use Voodoo Shield/Cyberlock for 29.99,or OSarmor for 15.99 and both are much more capable than SpyShelter. Maybe if priced at 30.00 some people may bite


Thanks for considering purchasing. I sent you a private message.


Thanks for your feedback on pricing. You’re welcome to use our free version indefinitely and it works great with other security apps.

Thank you very much.

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We have changed Pro where it works for 3 devices. Thanks for your feedback. It works for previous customers also. @Vonvon

You can confirm by visiting the purchase page where it’s updated.

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Super, Thank you, I think it’s a good price for 3 computers.

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