Option to backup rules and settings

I suggest to add a option for exporting / importing rules and settings in case you need to reinstall SpyShelter.


Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, this is very important and it’s on our list of things todo. Losing all your SpyShelter settings/rules is not fun for anyone, including our own team.

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I forgot to mention, we’re working hard to make the Rules tab auto-clean out so people aren’t left with old apps that no longer exist. The update won’t be in this next software release, but it should be in the one after that.


If one copied the com.spyshelter folder somewhere, could that be used to restore settings if SpyShelter ever needed an uninstall/reinstall? That is, after the reinstall, overwrite it to the fresh com.spyshelter folder? (Of course, it would be up to the user to update the copied folder as needed.)

com.spyshelter folder does not contain the rules or service settings so backing it up will not help in this case. We will provide an option to create backups for service settings and rules with the next upcoming release.