Old Spyshelter Premium license

Good morning. My subscription on three computers is about to expire. I am using Spyshelter Premium software and would like to buy a license for my 3 computers for the old Spyshelter Premium software. Is this possible?


Thank you for considering purchasing SpyShelter. I’m sorry our sales system is not available yet with the updated software.

I will message you privately with some options and I apologize for the issue. Please look for my messages at the top right of this forum. There will be a little envelope.

I also have a license that was never to expire. When I try to update the software, I get a message that the server cannot be contacted. What is the process for updating to the newest version if we have one of the original perpetual licenses? Thanks.

Sorry for the issue @wdgor

What version of the software did you have previously? You should still be able to use it with no problems. The older versions can be downloaded here: