My old lifetime license

Hi, I had lifetime license with you guy before you went to subscription model it is still working previously but now it can’t be used? Do you guy not honor those early bird user anymore?



Please message me privately here by clicking on my name, or email me Contact SpyShelter and Get Help with Free, Pro, or Ultimate (scroll to the bottom) and send your activation code one of those private ways. I can then assist you with the issue.

Hi SpyShelterCarl. Just like @cool, I also have a SpyShelter Premium Lifetime License. I tried sending an email to you at [email protected] earlier this morning, which resulted in a 550 failure message (the email account doesn’t exist). Thanks!

@jx0a6b Please click on my name, then click “message” so it’s safe to post your order info to me privately.

Also… could you attach a text of the email bounce so I can figure out what’s going on? I am answering to customers right now and everything seems OK, and we use a major Email provider that shouldn’t have any issues.

Yesterday I had exactly the same problem with email. The website shows help@ instead of helpdesk@ .On malwaretips forum, someone also had a problem sending an e-mail.


You are absolutely right! I apologize… we just fixed it. Now both emails will work with no problems. Please post a reply on Malwaretips and explain that it was our mistake.

Both emails work now, but the correct one helpdesk will be replaced tomorrow.

I edited your post to remove the full email, just in case it causes spam. Hope that’s OK.

If you could let the Malwaretips person know it’s fixed it would be much appreciated.