Major SpyShelter announcement: Keyboard encryption is dead, long live keyboard encryption

True, Windows Defender + DefenderUI / DefenderUI Pro and of course Spyshelter 15 (Paranoid mode) is a great combo :slight_smile:

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In my opinion, the biggest problem with the Clipboard concept in Windows is the Clipboard content is totally opened to any application.
I would like the operating system to detect a user Paste action (Control+V shortcut in my region) and send a window event to the application (then the application can call a function to get data).
That way, there would be no way for other applications to catch clipboard content. They would not even know something appeared in the clipboard. And if they call a function, they obtain nothing.

I suggest you investigate this kind of method.
Of course, application menus remain a problem with this method. But personally, I’d rather use key shortcuts than menus if I gain security.

Cool idea! Unfortunately due to malware, Microsoft has really locked down what can be done with the clipboard lately. But we will continue to investigate as always.

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