Kaspersky Premium (shows as unsigned)


SS15 shows many of kaspersky module as unsigned. when i contacted kaspersky, they said all their product as signed. any advise?


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If you paste the hash into VirusTotal what does it show?

If you go to the location of the executable (use SpyShelter to do so) then check its properties, is it signed?


I just checked Kaspersky Password Manager’s properties and it does shows digital signature
I am attaching snapshot.




If you go to the SpyShelter “About” window, what version do you have? Click the top right settings icon, then choose “About”.

SS Version

Could you email us one of the executables zipped maybe, or get it to us by using a cloud service? Of course none of your private info is needed, we just need a Kaspersky .exe alone.

You could also post all the hashes of these with the exe name next to each one. SpyShelter has hashes in the info drawer. Having the full .exe would help us the most, but hashes may help too.

This info will help us investigate further to see if the certificate could be revoked for example. @rizwansiddiqui

Please find below hash for Kaspersky Native Messaging Server


|Kaspersky Native Messaging Server - 7B51E4684D2A447BD90922ABC377487A5D0A1E6D

|Kaspersky Password Manager Isolation Loader - BA78A05BF314830E014340430F79AFC9B1C8D104
|Kaspersky Password Manager - 1CB801FECF05C93D64F5E84FA6CC565263CE823E
|Kaspersky - 7121C479722CD5C9F6A8577BBF33F85427F8E642
|Kaspersky Lab Launcher - E49EBE26608FE4910A8636CEC9FC3D6976880EC0
|Kaspersky Password Manager Service - 8A34B8899C024EDDE73A2869D0542AAA65386E20

Thank you. We will try to figure out how this “unsigned” designation is possible inside SpyShelter.

When we search these executables on VirusTotal.com it doesn’t seem to show them as unsigned there.