Issue when updating NVIDIA drivers

NVIDIA drivers’ updating procedure completely froze Spyshelter and I had to terminate spyshelter.exe with task manager to let the NVIDIA updating process continue and complete successfully. I’m pretty sure that the cause of the issue is Spyshelter screenshot protection module because the screenshot protection software I used previously crashed every time when updating NVIDIA drivers. The solution obviously is to disable screenshot protection module before updating NVIDIA drivers unless you can find a solution to make it compatible with NVIDIA.


Sorry for the issue. I have not heard of that! To make our anti-screenshot work, it means SpyShelter projects kind of its own full-screen mode that’s black… so maybe having something in full-screen mode makes NVIDIA do something to cause a crash with our own app.

What SpyShelter protection mode were you in when the failure happened?

Also, could you give details on the NVIDIA update? What software was it?

I have to add that I use GeForce Experience for update NVIDIA drivers so I don’t know if the same issue occurs with a manual uninstall/install drivers package. As for NVIDIA drivers it is NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Drivers 551.52 WHQL (Game Ready drivers package released today).
You can get a summary at this page TechPowerUp I didn’t have apps running fullscreen at that time and the only opened windows were Firefox an GeForce Experience on top. Spyshelter protection is paranoid mode but as I wrote before it isn’t a issue restricted to Spyshelter only as the screenshot protection software I used previously crashed too when updating NVIDIA drivers.

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I’m sorry this SpyShelter crash happened! I’ll share this with our team so we can try to recreate and fix it.

Thank you very much. If it is not possible to recreate the issue or fix it it’s not a problem for me, when updating NVIDIA graphic drivers, to temporarily disable Spyshelter screenshot protection as I already did previously with the other screenshot protection software.

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Today we investigated this issue and learned that the UI system we use has a known issue with this, and there is an open ticket for it.

Hopefully they will solve it soon, and when they do then it will be solved with SpyShelter.

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