Interface GUI i preffer more horizontal (expanded options)

Hello im old tester spyshelter, nice meet new peoples which gonna work on this product…
I was a bit worried bc nothing happen whole 2 years… but im glad you finally release at last beta version.

My Question its possible add option to make horizontal view instead of vertical with rules settings.
Well… older style interface was for me more friendly with more details and mange with them. i used it for at last 14 years as old is this software :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for your feedback with adding an additional horizontal view for SpyShelter rules, I will share it with our team.

Meanwhile, the rules look kind of weird because some of our features aren’t done yet like detecting webcam/mics, and some other things that are coming… it just looks too sparse and some icons are missing. So, please keep in mind we are working to improve the current “rules” view.

Well good advice its making customizable layout like in software Net Limiter
When you can move window and pin it to any place combine few tabs and split windows on another tabs with horizon and vertical windows gather.
You can also unlock resize right panel (rules/ app detail) because some peoples might make it bigger

Here is preview how i make few custom looks for my own preference.
Horizon vs Vertical
or yet total different more complex 2 horizon + 1 vertical which give you best as possible view data whole all app information as you need or wanted to be.

Honestly i used many softwares and Net Limiter did best layout custome setting so far as i could only imagine.

You can make something like that and will be OP
I suggest install net limiter to test it for understand it.

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Thanks for taking the time to post this. I will share the link with our team.

@ Quassar

I agree with you 100%. I continue to appreciate the management consoles still available in Windows versus the Settings UI.

But the majority of current tech users have grown up on the vertical display with the advent of “phones” in 2007-2008. Evidence the overwhelming precedent of news videos where 30% of the action is centered with the rest being sky and ground or wall and floor. One day we may be forced into 9:16 monitors and TVs.

As well, the first critique by mainstream online reviewers of UIs like Net Limiter is that it fails to be “modern.” Not to mention, modern users would pass out seeing all that data in one place.

Developers have to go with the flow.

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