Can't update from to

I can’t update from to I click on cog’s icon top right then Update or About - Update but nothing happens, no update and no error messages.

Problem is solved. I have on my PC a security software that blocks Powershell commands. It didn’t alert me as usual and it blocked powershell start "C:\ProgramData\SpyShelter\SpyShelterSetup.exe" -v runas
I had to temporarily disable it so I managed to update Spyshelter successfully.

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Sorry for the issue. Good to know about the Power Shell. I’ll report this issue to our team.

Please note there is no reason to force the updates because SpyShelter will auto-update in a reasonable time period. However… if someone did want to force the update then they could just go to, then download the update, then execute it and install it with no issues. No need to uninstall the previous version.

Just leave SpyShelter as it is on your PC now, go to, click download, then install it on top of the previous version.

But, we recommend users wait until the update automatically updates if possible.

Good to know it can be installed on the top of the previous version. Btw I’ve added an exception to the other security software to allow the specific Powershell command for Spyshelter to update without issues.

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