AMD CPU's not supported?

I see that System requirements are Any 64-bit Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer with an Intel CPU.
Why AMD CPU’s aren’t supported ?


AMD CPUs are absolutely supported by SpyShelter. Did SpyShelter not install for you?

We should mention this for sure and correct our download page. I apologize for any confusion.

In fact I have an AMD CPU.

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Seeing that the system requirements mentioned Intel CPU’s only, I had not yet proceeded with the installation. Thanks for the clarification


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I have opened a ticket to get our webmaster to update the text, thank you for letting us know. Please let me know if you run into an installation issue so I can help!

Just installed without issues.

Thank you for the fast reply to my question about AMD compatibility.

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Hello !!

I have AMD CPU and all works great.


Yep, confirmed. It’s very good security software and I also like overall UI


Thanks for your feedback!

I have a Ryzen CPU myself, and have since we started testing SpyShelter internally. The website should be updated in a day or so.

The download page is now updated and mentions AMD or equivalent. :+1: